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In this busy world we live in nowadays everyone seems to feel there aren’t enough hours in each day. Our pets, on the other hand, enjoy a calmer pace of life but anxiously await us walking through that door and giving them our utmost attention. Social deprivation in a pet leads to depression, boredom, overeating, barking, and anxiety related problems such as excessive licking and destructive behavior. Be a conscientious pet owner !

  • Schedule in time to walk, feed, play, and/or train your pet. Try to incorporate one or more of these suggestions into your pets day to make a happier and healthier pet:
  • exercise your pet and/or give your pet 10 minutes of direct attention as soon as you walk through your door
  • if you are working come home at lunch to walk your dog or consider having a dog walker come over mid day to walk and play with your dog (or play with your cat!)
  • pet proof your home for safety
  • provide items in the environment to keep your pets mind active: window or cat climbing shelves, sustained-release food devices for cats and dogs such as sterilized hollow bones or Kong toys stuffed with peanut butter or other food, Buster Cube, Activity Ball, or Roll-a-Treat filled with kibble
  • join a class with your pet Obedience, Agility, and Flyball are all fun and social classes for you and your pet
  • teach your cat or dog a new trick or a new game

Send in those questions burning in your mind!


Have a great week ,

Lisa Aumiller, DVM

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