Dear Dr Lisa,

I own a business and the guy that clears my lot recommended I start using pet safe salt. Of course the pet safe salt is about 30 dollars more for the application. Is it worth the money to go with this salt? If there is truly a difference I will buy the pet safe stuff but every dollar counts right now so I want to be sure.

Thanks for your input.



Dear Salty,

Thanks for investigating this decision to help our animal companions that may walk through your lot. Without a doubt the pet safe deicers are much safer than the typically used salt and other chemical deicers. Most salt and deicers can not only cause damage to animals feet and pads but also can be very toxic if ingested. To date I have not seen any pets having problems with the pet safe de icers. I would encourage you to use this on your lot when snow falls. Thanks for being conscientious.

Readers, de icers, snow, and ice can cause your pet significant pain and problems. Be sure to keep your pet’s feet groomed during the winter. Excessive hair can cause little ice balls to form between the pads and under the feet and can become a catch for salt and other chemicals. Have your pet wear booties in salted / snowy areas or after a walk use a small bowl with warm water to clean each foot thoroughly.

Thanks for the question and enjoy the snowy days!

Lisa Aumiller, DVM

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