Welcome to our feature on someone we’ve come across who is a hero for animals in this world. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, all colors, and walks of life. Our heroes could be clients of ours, or someone we meet in the many communities we serve and the places we visit. 

At HousePaws, we celebrate the human/animal bond every day in our practice. We love finding people (and animals) who show the strength of that bond.  We find them inspiring and hope you will, too!

HousePaws Q&A with Dana Harhigh

This month’s Animal Hero of the Month is Charlotte and Dana Harhigh. Charlotte belongs to HousePaws Morrisville’s office manager Dana, who is very proud of her doggy superhero! Charlotte recently joined the blood donor team at NorthStar VETS where she donates blood to help other dogs in need! NorthStar’s program accepts healthy, adult dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes. A blood donation will help save injured and/or ill animals!

Q: Dana, tell us about Charlotte. How old is she and which breed? How did she come to be a part of your family?

A: Charlotte is a Bloodhound, approximately 4 years old. My husband has always dreamed of having a Bloodhound as part of our family and we just happened upon her on a rescue website one day. We made an hour drive to meet her and just fell in love right away! I was always hesitant about the drool and messiness of the breed, but Charlotte’s loving and comical personality really makes up for all the slobber!

Q. How did you hear about NorthStar’s blood donor program? What about Charlotte’s personality made you think she would be a good fit?

A. I found out about the program through NorthStar’s website before adopting Charlotte. I read through their requirements, but my dogs at that time did not have the right qualifications to apply. Once we adopted Charlotte, I knew she would be the perfect fit to help! She is gentle, calm, and loves attention!

Q. How many times has she donated so far? How often do you try to take her?

A. Charlotte is fairly new to the program and has donated twice so far. The program allows animals to donate every 8 weeks and we’ve been doing our best to stick to that schedule.

Q. Were you nervous? How did she do? Can you tell us a little bit about the process?

A. I wasn’t nervous because the staff at NorthStar walks you through the whole process. When we arrive for the appointment, Charlotte is weighed and examined by a veterinarian to make sure she is okay to donate that particular day. Two technicians stay with her through the process and the donation takes less than 10 minutes. I have been allowed to stay with her the whole time to help keep her calm. Afterward, the technicians shower her with love, petting, and LOTS of treats! Charlotte does great and holds still through the whole donation. She just loves all the attention she gets before and after so it makes the hard part worth it!

Q. Do you do anything special with Charlotte after a donation?

A. We usually stop for a special treat afterward as a reward! And we do our best to keep her quiet for a few hours after donating so she can rest and recharge.

Q. Do you have any thoughts or advice you could offer a pet owner who is considering having their pet become a blood donor like Charlotte?

A. Email or call NorthStar. They will walk you through the process and schedule your pet for an evaluation. They have been great with Charlotte and they really make us feel special!


To learn more about your pet becoming a Blood Donor Superhero, visit https://www.northstarvets.com/blood-bank

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