Lyme Disease

Dear Dr. Dana, I am being warned that the ticks this year are going to be worse than ever and I should be extra cautious about lyme disease. What precautions should I take with my pets? ANSWER: May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and Pennsylvania is the #1 state in...

The Benefits of Walking Your Dog

by Dr. Dana Koch published January 19, 2016 The month of January is National Walk Your Dog Month! The weather may be colder outside, but your dog can still benefit from exercise and more quality time with their caring owner. The following are the top reasons to take...

Animal Tidbits Sample Article

Fecal Matters There are many excuses not to pick up poop:  “I forgot my baggie”, “It was too mushy”, “I didn’t notice her going because I was talking”, “I was in a rush”, “It’s good for the earth, leave it, it’s composting, right?”…but folks I have to tell you,...

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