Emergency Pet Ambulance

New Hours 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday
Helping get your pets where they need to be!

Pet Ambulance Service

Servicing New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania

P.E.T.S. specializes in transporting a pet in an emergency and non-emergency situation to a local veterinary hospital, specialty, or critical care facility of your choice. P.E.T.S. patients are transported with an experienced and caring professional staff Monday through Friday 8 am to 8 pm.

Ease of entry for you and your pet

P.E.T.S. strives to streamline patient admittance by arranging pre approval and admission processes through our animal hospital partners.  You can fill out admittance forms online before our transfer technician arrives. This makes things quick and easy for you so your pet can be efficiently transferred.

pet ambulance

Dr. Lisa Aumiller, DVM

Dr. Lisa Aumiller, DVM who owns and operates the HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service became aware of the need for an emergency transportation service. As a mobile vet, Dr. Lisa and her doctors were able to handle most calls for in home veterinary appointments. However, certain cases required immediate transfer to a hospital. Also some pet owners wanted to see their own vet or needed specialized care. The demand of daily life makes P.E.T.S. a great service for pet owners.

A client and local business owner, Bob Bersin of In-Home Kitty Kare specifically brought the idea to Dr. Lisa for her mobile practice. Together they came up with the name of P.E.T.S. and launched the idea in the fall of 2014.

Dr. Lisa decided to invest in P.E.T.S. and bring her expertise of being a mobile vet to a pet ambulance service. She has partnered with many local veterinarians and hospitals to give your pet the immediate care they need in an emergency situation. P.E.T.S. can help get your pets where they need to be!

During transport

Our P.E.T.S. ambulance is equipped with cages, stretchers and oxygen and a multi parameter monitor. We have three levels of care for the different types of emergencies:

  • Transport Only – for less critical cases and non emergency transfers
  • Veterinary Technician Assisted – pets who need more advance care including IV care, treatments and/or oxygen
  • Veterinary Doctor Assisted – critical pet or pet who needs CPR
  • See our page on Types of Transfers for other needs

To help us help you

P.E.T.S. will pick up your pet at your home or veterinary hospital. Cats and other exotic animals are requested to be in carriers and dogs are requested to be on leashes.

You can call us directly after you speak to your veterinarian and if your pet requires immediate veterinary care we will transport your pet directly to your veterinarian or an emergency hospital. We are located in Mt. Laurel, NJ which is 20 minutes from Philadelphia and centrally located in South Jersey. See our map for the coverage area.


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