PETS has a service range of about 30 miles/45 minutes radius from our Mt Laurel hospital, and we serve most, but not all, of the areas within that range.

Please call to check if we serve your area, you have questions  or would like to schedule a transport appointment. If you do not get through to a human on the first try, please leave a message, we will get your message and return your call at the first available opportunity.

P.E.T.S. Fee Schedule

Emergency Transfer

*One-way service, includes 30 miles total and 30 minutes waiting
time for hours between 8 am -8pm, Monday through Friday.

$100 *

Non-Emergency Transfer

(scheduled in advance) within 15 mile radius

$60, $20 for each additional pet
>60lbs additional assisted handler needed $30 surcharge

Other Fees:

Oxygen  $75-$150 depending on amount used
IV Fluids $60
Mileage over 30 miles $5/mile
Tech Assisted $80/half hour
Vet Assisted $250/half hour

* All services must be paid in advance

* Once a technician is dispatched, there are no refunds

* For scheduled appointments, we require a $25 deposit (that will be applied to the transport fees) when we create the appointment. If you have to cancel the appointment, you must cancel prior to 24 hours in advance. If you have to cancel within 24 hours, the $25 deposit is not refundable.

* Waiting time for driver over 30 minutes $10/15 min

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