We have three levels of care:

Transport only: For less critical cases a non-emergency transfers
Tech-assisted: Pet who need more advance care including IV care, treatments and/or oxygen
Vet-assisted: Critical pet who may need veterinary monitoring or may need medication during transport.

Home to Veterinarian

If you need transport service because you are not home or you do not have a vehicle, or you cannot leave your children. P.E.T.S. can come pick up your pet and bring them to your vet or to a hospital.

Some pets are very resistant to drives and you are not capable of getting them in your car. Let us help you manage your pet and get them to the doctor for their check up.

Home to Hospital

Unfortunately there may be an instance when your pet may be involved in an accident or become critically ill. P.E.T.S. can come to your home and bring them to an emergency hospital quickly and safely.

Home to Wherever

We can transport your pet to the groomer, doggy daycare, the kennel, etc. This convenient service will help last minute rushing around be alleviated! Also we have the capabilities of transporting multiple pets at one time!

Specialty Care

Your pet may have a chronic illness that requires constant trips to a specialty care center for treatments such as chemotherapy or rehabilitative care. We can help you get your pet to their appointment and back home safely without interrupting your schedule.

Hospital to Home

At discharge we can get your pet home safely. Technicians can retrieve all the instructions for your pet at discharge and review it with you at home.

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