Aly M.

Aly M. Veterinary Assistant

When I was younger i have always had a passion for animals. As I grew older, my love for animals grew and grew. I currently live on a farm in Tabernacle where i currently own 4 goats, a dozen chickens, and my 10 feral cats. As for my inside zoo, I have 2 adult cats, Ludo and Leo, and two newest kittens named Boom and Bear.  I own a 20 pound Flemish giant rabbit named Salem, have rats, fish, a Pitbull named Zeus (aka Piggy), and last I have a Black headed Caique named Zoey. I have fallen in love with all types of animals, and one day I hope to travel to Africa and volunteer at one of the wildlife rehabilitation centers on this continent. Big cats and Elephants are among my favorites. I love to travel and take photos of the places I have been--one of my favorite places for travel was The Dominican Republic. On my downtime I like to watch Disney films, and research animals of all kinds;  I even draw them from time to time.

I am currently enrolled in Penn Foster’s Veterinary Technician program, and I can’t wait to begin my career in the animal field with Housepaws.

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