Amy A.

Amy A. Technician/Rescue & Care Coordinator

I am a certified medical assistant in the human world for many years and came from an allergy office where I was the office manager for the past 12.  Caring for others has been in my nature since I was a child, and my love and compassion for animals runs just as deep.  This is what brought me into rescue, which I was lucky enough to find like minded friends to venture with me and start our own.  With this my worlds collided and when I was given the opportunity to join House Paws it just made sense to shift over to a veterinary office.  I am currently a Patient Care Coordinator training to be a vet tech, and happy to say my nursing background has been helpful with the transition.  I grew up in NE Philly and moved to South Jersey during middle school. I have had various animals though my life : rabbits, ducks, hamsters, an iguana, dogs, and of course cats.  They are my necessity in life, I am the crazy cat lady- not ashamed to say it =).

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