Chelsea S.

Chelsea S. Bathing Beauties Administrative Coordinator

I started fostering for the Burlington county animal alliance at age 18. I got a call about a month after high school from one of the head volunteers. She asked me if I’ve ever groomed a dog before because this dog needs help ASAP and she was desperate. Of course, I would do anything & everything to help. I went to go meet this dog and this poor pup from down south was covered in fleas, ticks, and mats. I HAD to help him. I groomed my first dog, and was touched knowing that I made him feel better and look better. After grooming Crusty and realizing how awesome that was, I decided I needed to make a career out of this and found a small shop owner in Marlton who opened her own grooming salon. She gave me a chance when I was about 19 and took me under her wing. I watched videos, had different co- workers show me tricks and tips. Then I figured out Bathing Beauties was hiring through a BCAA volunteer and I thought “hmm mobile? This could be awesome”. And in 2014 I started my journey with them and have loved it every since! To this day, I love the relief a groom gives a dog. It makes me feel good knowing that I truly helped them.  I was a dog groomer for 8 years and now work in Bathing Beauties office. 

Currently, i foster-failed all my dogs through the BCAA (Jules- a lab, Mia- Pitbull, Winkie- a min pin mix, Mama- min pin mix ) and I also have two cats Armani and Purrcilla. Because there can never be enough chaos in my house, i have a toddler son named Dominic, and my two brother-in-laws Elijah & Isaiah live with us as well. We still foster for the Burlington County Animal Alliance so we are a huge animal family. 

It is totally true what they say “once you go mobile, you don’t go back!”

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