Dr. Dolores Costantino

Dr. Dolores Costantino DVM

You can call her Dr.C!  Dr Dolores is a New Jersey native and went to Rutgers University, Cook College for her undergraduate studies in Animal Science.  She graduated from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. She has practiced veterinarian medicine for nearly 20 years in New York, Pennsylvania and now New Jersey.

She is happy to be a part of a big family.  She has 8 brothers and sisters, and many nieces and nephews. Her husband Victor is a Professor at Temple Medical School. They have 4 wonderful and busy children.   In addition to her human children, she has 2 dogs, Chocolate Chip and Reggie, and 2 cats, Mupa and Molly.  Molly will be turning 20 years old this year.

Dr. C enjoys traveling to new places and being outdoors for swimming, hiking and skiing. Her family loves exploring national parks.  This years family vacation is Denali and Katmai National parks in Alaska. Her favorite foods are Indian cuisine and dark chocolate.

Being part of a mobile practice is new and exciting to Dr C.  She enjoys meeting new people and their pets in their home,  She has a passion for keeping veterinary visits as low stress and fear free as possible for your pets.  Her professional interests include preventive medicine, dermatology, senior care and end of life/Hospice care. She looks forward to joining one of Housepaws Spay and Neuter clinic trips in the future.

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