Dr. Lisa Aumiller

Dr. Lisa Aumiller DVM, Practice Owner

As a kid I would bring home every little creature I could find.  “Can I keep this one?”  I would ask.  Each time my parents would reply “No, you can’t keep that one either, but when you grow up and have your own house you can have as many pets as you want.” Needless to say, my wonderful husband, and our three very active children now share a house with 4 dogs, 4 cats, and 2 guinea pigs.

I always wanted to be a vet and was inspired by James Herriot, the mobile veterinarian and his books when I was a teenager. Becoming a visiting vet always seemed like such a romantic idea but never realistic. I studied undergraduate at Sweet Briar College, an all-women’s college in Amherst, Virginia and then headed to Blacksburg Virginia to VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. I graduated in 1999 and started my dream career as a veterinarian. After 11 years in practice, I became disenchanted with how little time I was getting to spend with my patients and their owners and how corporate things were becoming in the veterinary field. At that point, almost overnight, Dr. Lisa’s Mobile Veterinary Service was born in April 2010, which soon became HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service when additional vets joined the practice. My new life as a mobile vet is very exciting. I love meeting the pets and human companions in their own environment. It adds depths to being a vet that I previously never experienced.

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