Erica C

Erica C Atco Office Manager

Erica was born and raised in South Jersey and returned to the area in 2017 after being gone for over 10 years. She has always had a love of animals, even rescuing a litter of puppies and keeping them in a dorm room at University of Hawaii until they found forever homes.  After a few years in Hawaii, Erica moved just a little closer to home and spent several years in a small town in the Rocky Mountains of CO.   It was here where she rescued the love of her life, Arlo.  Erica now resides in South Jersey with Arlo Guthrie and her cats Stevie Nicks and Nico.  Her favorite pass times include finding new hikes with Arlo (sometimes Stevie tags along), wandering in Philadelphia and drives to the shore.  HousePaws has been a great fit for Erica, as she loves a fast paced environment, helping people and their pets and the fact that each day is different.

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