Katie M

Katie M Technician

Ever since I can remember, caring for animals has been my passion. Looking back on pictures of me as a kid, it’s hard to find one without my first dog and best friend - a sheltie named Spanky. I’ve had animals my whole life and was always obsessed with saving any creature I could.

Fast forward to when I was in college at Temple University and I started working at my first animal shelter. I fell in love with working in the animal care field. I found myself looking forward to work every day. After graduating, I attempted to pursue a career in psychology (my major) but realized my heart was still with the animals. So I followed my heart and since then, I’ve had over 10 years of experience with a wide variety of animal care professions - including animal shelters, doggie day cares, boarding facilities, and veterinary clinics.

Over the years, I’ve learned more than I can describe in one bio - yet I’m always looking to learn more.  So when I moved to New Jersey after getting married, I set out to find the perfect job for me. I had heard amazing things about HousePaws as a vet - so I quickly got my two pups (a basset hound named Griffin and a lab mix named GiGi) registered as patients, and was beyond impressed with the warm, caring professionalism of HousePaws. In an appointment for one of my dogs, Dr. Lisa mentioned they were hiring and the rest is history!

I love my job and it is so awesome to get to know and work with the wide variety of animals and all of their different personalities.  The clients are amazing and the staff is full of people who are truly passionate and love their job. I’m so happy to have found HousePaws and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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