Sarah W.

Sarah W. Veterinary Technician

I grew up in Pemberton, NJ and went to BCIT Medford for their veterinary assistant career major program. I am enrolled in Manor College and majoring in Veterinary Technology there to be eligible to take the exam, I need to take to get my certification in veterinary nursing. I've been riding horses for 10+ years, started off as pleasure riding for 5 years and from there on I'v been competing in hunter/jumpers. I have two dogs, Superman, that is a chihuahua, and Diamond, that is a shih tzu. I currently own an arabian cross horse named Archie. I also have 8 other brothers and sisters, I'm the youngest out of all of them. My future plans is to get my certification in veterinary technology, help manage an animal hospital or clinic, own a small little barn with land, and have 20 dogs.

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