Tiffany E.

Tiffany E. Veterinary Technician

Tiffany is married with two girls (Rylie and Livian) and grew up on a small farm in South Brunswick, NJ with her mom and Gamma (grandmother).  Her Gamma worked the front desk at East Windsor Animal Hospital, which is where Tiffany's fascination with animals started. She started working at Marlton Animal Hospital and worked her way up to the position of veterinary technician, which soon felt like a dream job.  Working in the veterinary field, she fell in love with medicine, so she went to school to be a technician, but for humans--and she worked with humans at Virtua and Deborah hospitals for seven years, but her heart told her to go back to helping animals.

Tiffany has fifteen amazing chickens, a rat, a cockatiel, and hermit crabs. She's currently in school training to be an herbalist for both animals and humans.

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