Vets In Training

Homeschool Living Waters Program

Winter/Spring 2020

Living Water Classes 9:00-10:50am

Class location: SHAWNEE BAPTIST CHURCH- 303 Oakshade Rd, Shamong, NJ 08088

Session dates: February 3, February 10, February 24, March 2, March 9, March 23, March 30, April 6, April 20, April 27. 

The following classes will take place during this 10 week semester.  All classes are modified to ages. Animal time will be encouraged during all classes.


All Creatures Great and Small  (February 3)

All hands on deck!  This round floor discussion will allow the children to investigate, explore, and discover the individual animals of the learning center.  There will be a few animal surprises!

Talk with the Animals  (February 10)

Experience how veterinarians use their five senses to “talk” to animals to work up real medical and surgical cases. Students will interact with pets, examine specimens, and use veterinary tools to solve real patient cases.



Bandaging Lab (February 24)

Why do veterinarians use bandages? Students will discuss the reasons, do, and don’ts of bandaging. Students will participate in various bandage applications on models and participate in live patient demonstrations.

Pets and Pollution (March 2)

Students will explore the various ways pollution affect both owned pets and the animals who share our world.  We will delve into how veterinary scientist work to combat this growing problem.

Safety First!  Animal Restraint  (March 9 )

How do veterinarians and their technicians subdue different types of animals such as cows, sharks, lions, birds, aggressive pets, etc.  Students will learn about safety for the animal and the handler and practice various restraint techniques for a host of species.  


Microscope Lab (March 23)

Microscopes are invaluable tools to a  veterinarian.  Students will learn about what microscopes are and what they do to assist veterinarians practice medicine.  Students will be exploring many specimens during this lab.

Aviculture (March 30 )

Together we will learn about the raising and care if birds both in captivity and in the wild.  This is a great foundation course for our next session of Avian Medicine.

Toxins and Animals (April 6)

Keeping out animals safe can be a challenge especially if a simple household plant can make them sick! Let’s learn about all of the toxins we need to pay attention to!

Skills Lab Practice (April 20 )

CPR, First Aid, Suturing- Oh My! Where do you take the pulse on a dog? How do you suture properly, and are you ready for an emergency?

Grooming 101(April 27)

Students will be hands-on learning to groom animals from head-to-toe! Prepare to get wet!


Registration, Payment and Refund policies:

Please review Vets in Training program registration, payment and refund policies here before registering your child for VIT programs.


Please register one student at a time. Payments will be made on the form by credit card. 

For questions on registration, payment or classes, please email

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