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We are thrilled; for the 1st time in 2 years, Alex brought his rope to us for a game of fetch! Thank you to Dr. Matt for giving us our dog back!


Dexter & Dozer

These silly munchkins came from two separate states,both abandoned. We were blessed with being at the right place at the right time. We were meant to be. We love our boys! Thank you Dr. Joyce and Rachel for taking care of them♡


Tolken Lovebug

Tolken Lovebug is a Tuxie who is 10 years old and a rescued kitty from B.A.S.S., he is a pain in the b***, BUT I couldn't live without him!!



Bear is my miracle baby, he had a kidney issue at 10 months, but has bounced back and is doing great. This is one happy Cattle Dog.



Dakota is always so happy. Even when you are having a bad day, one look at him and he makes you smile.



Buddy was a throwaway dog due to exuberant behavior. He came to us as a foster (age 1.5) , but was quickly adopted by foster mom. He was uncle to 28 fosters after that, always sweet and showing them "the ropes".



Josie loves Housepaws staff! She drags me to the door, goes in and finds Marie, goes to sit on the dog scale, then waits for her treat! Smart pup!



Bailey is very smart. When asked to retrieve a certain toy by color, he searches the house for that particular toy of that color.



House Paws vets Dr. Eddie and Dr. Matt along with vet techs Nancy and Becky took care of my Shadow. He was my buddy for almost 16 years before he crossed over rainbow bridge. HousePaws vets took great care of him.

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