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Gizmo is the princess of the house. She loves to prance around and is a ham when people come over. She is our baby girl and we love her to bits!



I rescued Zoey from dog fighting ring being used as bait. When I brought her home she had her throat cut and her ear was was injured. She attacked all my other animals, but we have given her time to adjust and she has become so lovable and is great with my kids.  She...



Milo was the runt of the litter and the last one left to find a forever home. He was 16 weeks old when we adopted him. He stole our hearts instantly....I mean with a face like this how could we not love him!!



We found Queenie 16 years ago the 1st week of November on a cold rainy night. After a week of trying to find her owner, we decided she was ours. Queenie fits her name. She is the Queen of our castle. Queenie is a feisty tortie who loves her home and solitude. She...


Sophie and Snickers

They are new to each other and, despite initial friction, are getting along well!



He is very chill, doesn't scare easily, he's a snuggler, and he talks to everyone.


Gucci and Brutus

Our girl Gucci, who we call the warden of the house, and our boy Brutus--we were told he is the runt of the litter. Boy they were wrong! They are truly are our babies. Yes they are both pit bulls, but big lovers.



Jasper is a strong-willed puppy who doesn’t back down from his brother (100 lbs) or sister (80 lbs). He’s 50 lbs of stubborn but hysterical puppy!



Chiki was found a trash can when she was like a month old with her 2 siblings. She was my baby girl and I used to enjoy making clothes for her. She loved having new clothes so she could go out with us on trips.



Beau came to us through a local rescue They saved him from a kill shelter in Lexington , SC . The truth is that he saved us and healed our broken hearts after our beloved Bugsy was lost to lymphoma. Beau is funny, loving and has model good looks.

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