HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service is a fusion of high-quality mobile veterinary care with access to traditional clinical care in our hospital locations. We are enthusiastic about bringing a wonderful, full-service experience to their patients in the comforts of their own home.

Our practice serves clients and patients in South New Jersey and parts of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area with three hospital locations in Mt. LaurelAtco, NJ, and Morrisville, PA. Our North Jersey location serves part of Bergen and surrounding areas for mobile appointments. 

Our hospitals are state of the art outpatient care facilities where we do surgery, dentistry, and other procedures.

“HousePaws is great for me because I get to focus on being a vet the way I used to dream about it. I have great relationships with my clients, I have the freedom to practice medicine the way I want to practice it. I enjoy the relationships I develop working more closely with my technicians as I get to really teach them about my philosophies and it helps make us a stronger team.”
Dr. Lisa

PA & NJ Practices

“My husband is a professional fireghter. He works for 24 hours and then is off for 72 hours. We have 2 kids so we tag-team the parenting. HousePaws allows me to have the fexible schedule I need for my family.”
Dr. Tracy

NJ Practices

“Being a younger doctor I was looking for guidance from more experienced veterinarians who would share their experience and knowledge. All of the doctors at House Paws are very friendly and will take the time to listen to a case I am working on, tell me what they know about different treatments, and take a look at a cytology sample, etc. We have many vets with different perspectives and interests so I have found picking everyone’s brains has given me a lot of different tools to help my patients.”
Dr. Eddie

PA & NJ Practices

“Mobile medicine allows you to be part of the family. Pet ownership and keeping them healthy is complicated. We must factor family relationships, emotions, finances, science into every appointment, Being in the home is such a gift to foster that personal connection. Then figuring out a way to keep patient care high but allow patients to remain in the home for more complicated procedures is a fun challenge.”
Dr. Lauren

NJ Practices

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