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HousePaws’ Inc. Competition Pitch!

HousePaws is competing against five other businesses in the Ford Transit Connect 5 Pitches. 5 Blocks. 1 Winner. competition. Watch Dr Lisa make her on-the-road pitch below (with a little help from some four legged friends) and read the interview with Dr. Lisa...

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HousePaws in the Community

HousePaws work with educators in the Camden, New Jersey community was featured in this NJEA article. "This past weekend, members of the Camden Education Association (CEA) convened at the Brimm Medical Arts High School to work with community leaders as they organized...

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Meet Our Clients


Bear is my miracle baby, he had a kidney issue at 10 months, but has bounced back and is doing great. This is one happy Cattle Dog.


Dakota is always so happy. Even when you are having a bad day, one look at him and he makes you smile.


Buddy was a throwaway dog due to exuberant behavior. He came to us as a foster (age 1.5) , but was quickly adopted by foster mom. He was uncle to 28 fosters after that, always sweet and showing them "the ropes".

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