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About The BooTiki Near and Far Fund

An important part of the BooTiki Fund mission is providing veterinary assistance to pets in under-served communities.

In all BooTiki Fund events, medical staff from HousePaws volunteer their time and services along with community volunteers to make the world a better place for animals and the people who love them. 

Locally, we work with community partners in animal rescue, schools, and faith-based organizations to bring wellness clinics and spay & neuter clinics to local neighborhoods.   

The fund also supports international clinics in the Caribbean and surrounding areas where overpopulation of pets is  both an issue of animal welfare and human health. In these trips, volunteer groups of veterinary medical staff travel to areas of need and work with international and local organizations to conduct large scale spay & neuter clinics. The BooTiki Fund provides a majority of the medications and medical supplies needed for the mission. 

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The BooTiki Near Fund: Helping People and Pets in the Philadelphia and South Jersey Communities

BooTiki sponsors annual wellness clinics in two local Philadelphia metro area communities. In the spring, volunteers from HousePaws work with the PSPCA . In the fall, HousePaws combines forces with the Community Church of Cherry Hill.  In these one day clinics, veterinary exams, medical treatment , education, pet supplies and food are provided to over 150 pet owners in an under-served neighborhood in this section of the city.

In these one-day clinical events, local  veterinarians , technicians, and veterinary practice staff join community volunteers to bring services to people and pets in need. Lines often start forming as soon as the tents are being set up and we’re often staying later than the end of the announced clinic times to make sure everyone who  comes can be served through the “Near” funds.

The Boo Tiki Fund provides all supplies and medications for these clinics. 100 percent of donations go to helping pets and their people. 

Clinics are staffed by volunteer professional staff from HousePaws and members of the local veterinary community and BooTiki event volunteers, who feel these events are very meaningful experiences.  By utilizing only volunteers, donations are all being used to help the pets who need them the most.

Interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at these clinics and other events? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

Interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at these clinics and other events? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

The BooTiki Far Fund: Helping People and Pets in International Communities

Where BooTiki’s Near Fund’s serves local communities, the Far Fund serves an international community of people and their pets as well as homeless pets.  Typically, we go to Caribbean locations as many of our clients visit these locations for vacation and return concerned about animal welfare in the Caribbean.  Boo Tiki has a unique partnership with the Caribbean Spay/Neuter Program, who identify the communities who most need help, and HousePaws who arrange the volunteer team and fundraise for all the medications and a majority of the supplies needed for the clinic. Local partners we’ve work with in the past include, but aren’t limited to The Antiqua & Barbuda Humane Society, RescataMe in the Dominican Republic, and others.  As of January, 2020, BooTiki has helped sponsor 8 medical mission trips in the Caribbean, Mexico and South America.

It is truly an international effort with veterinarians joining from the United States, Mexico, Caribbean nations and Europe.  The missions affiliated with the BooTiki Fund have helped over 3,100 animals through these clinics, with future trips planned in 2020 and beyond. While the focus is on spay and neuter to assist with animal overpopulation, our teams treat other conditions that appear as our staffing, equipment and supplies allow. It is also important to know that these clinics help directly and indirectly human public health issues with many zoonotic diseases prevalent in these areas  where support for health care is very basic. The host countries donate accommodations and 2 meals a day and volunteers pay for their own flights. Donations made to BooTiki Far Funds projects go a long way in distance and animals helped.

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BooTiki Volunteer Form

BooTiki Volunteer Form

Please fill out the information on this form and we'll be in touch soon! Questions? Reach us at

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