From its beginnings, HousePaws has grown in and out of the communities we serve. We work with many volunteer organizations in both animal related communities and human health and welfare communities in our service areas and internationally.  We understand that when people are struggling to make ends meet, the animals they care for will also struggle.  HousePaws and the volunteers we work alongside strive to improve the lives of animals and those who take care of them.  

Events in the Community

HousePaws sponsors many events each year in the communities we serve. Some of our events are educational outreach tables at local community day events, some are with specific non-profit organizations raising funds and/or awareness for causes both animal-related and human-related.  We often work with local animal rescue groups to find homes for animals who need them, including events we do with organizations like Wandering Whiskers Rescue in building shelters for area homeless cat communities. Some of our events are fundraisers for the Boo Tiki Fund for Animals with local partners, such as a recent vegan food fundraiser at Flying Fish Brew Pub and an German food Octoberfest event at Best of the Wurst. Other community events include sessions with scouting organizations, local schools and other educational and service organizations. Learn more by following us on facebook or checking the events list on our website.

International Spay & Neuter Clinics

HousePaws knows that animals are in need all over the world and that animal overpopulation can be a significant challenge for both animals and people in a community. We sponsor regular ‘medical mission’ spay and neuter clinics in the Caribbean, Mexico and occasionally Central and South America areas.  We often work with  Caribbean Spay Neuter in organizing trips and work directly with local organizations in the countries and regions we visit in maximizing the medical and educational impact we can have on each trip.  Recent trips included clinics in Antigua, Mexico and Suriname.  HousePaws staff volunteer their time and expertise to make the clinic possible,  and trip funding is through a combination of international and local non-profit sources, including the Boo Tiki Near and Far Fund.

Local Community Wellness Clinics

From its beginnings, HousePaws has grown in and out of the communities we serve. We work with many volunteer organizations in both animal related communities and human health and welfare communities.  Locally, we work with community partners in staging community pet wellness clinics, most recently in Camden, New Jersey and West Philadelphia. These events go beyond traditional vaccine clinics and provide a thorough pet examination, history, client education, flea/tick treatment and any vaccines which are needed.  Our staff volunteer with community volunteers in these events which receive funding from the Boo Tiki Near and Far Fund.  As Lori, one of our community volunteers, reviewed photos of the event she volunteered at, she said “These pictures are wonderful and tell such a compelling story. They help to counteract many of the stereotypes that exist about breeds, Camden, and financially challenged pet owners. Thank you for letting me be a part of this event again and for continuing to show everyone the importance of compassion and service to others.”  We couldn’t agree more, Lori!   If you’d like to volunteer, follow us on facebook or write to You can also donate directly to help fund medicine and supplies through the Boo Tiki Fund for Animals.


HousePaws in the Community

HousePaws in the Community

HousePaws work with educators in the Camden, New Jersey community was featured in this NJEA article. "This past weekend, members of the Camden Education Association (CEA) convened at the Brimm Medical Arts High School to work with community leaders as they organized...

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