Kim B

Kim B Vets in Training Director

I have always wanted to be a teacher ever since high school. My passion was art education, but I soon fell into environmental art. When I graduated from Moore College of Art and Design with a bachelor’s in art education and a K-12 teaching certification, I received the most profound advice I would ever hear. My academic advisor told a group of 25 education graduates that very few of us would actually become art teachers. We should look to other avenues of education and community service to pursue our dreams.
I found the perfect job for me as an environmental educator at Fernbrook Farms where I learned animal husbandry. I worked closely with farm animals for 7 years both caring for the animals and leading groups of students through the barnyard to learn about farming and animal science.
With a newfound passion for working with kids and animals I found a new career at Vets in Training where I spend my days fostering the education of future veterinarians of America.

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