Tabitha B

Tabitha B Technician

Ever since I was little I always knew I wanted to work with animals.  My mom said I would always try to save every pet i came across even if there was no danger in sight. I went to BCIT for high school, and they offered a 4 year Veterinary Assistants program along with my regular diploma.

I graduated in 2004, and I soon met Dr. Lisa at Willingboro Veterinary Clinic when we both worked there. Forward 3 years, we parted ways and I moved on to Mt Laurel Animal Hospital for 7 years. Working at the emergency hospital is where I picked up how to deal with urgent situations and it taught me not to panic and be helpful to the owners when things are serious. Fast forward to 2017 when I reunited with Dr. Lisa and began working at HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service. Destiny at its finest!!! Now I'm one of her head technicians and I love what I do, and what as a team we have to offer. I've been here at HP for only 2 1/2 years now but it feels like a lifetime. The other workers at HousePaws have been great, and I really feel like I made some long-term friends. I have 3 animals which I absolutely adore, Mazi and Wenzston are my kitties and then I have my puppers Astrea. If it were up to my I would definitely have more-lol. My boyfriend keeps me sane, but has allowed me to get up to 6 at one time. I'm here to help in anyway I can, and honored by the 14 years I have dedicated to animals and their owners.

Working at HousePaws has made my see other sides of the veterinary field, as I'm a teacher of our youth at the VIT Program, as well as helping different countries with over populated stray animals just by donating my services. I want to change the world one pet situation at a time.

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