Tatem Elementary School

5 week session – 1st /2nd Grade

Week 1: All Creatures Great and Small All hands on deck! This round floor discussion will allow the children to investigate, explore, and discover the individual animals of the learning center. There will be a few animal surprises!

Week 2: Owl Pellet Dissection The scoop on poop—a discussion on poop and why it’s important! Students will end the fun and explore a dissection activity of Owl Pellets.

Week 3: Wellness Exams Teddy Bear’s annual exam! Gear up in your doctor clothes, as we learn the basic tools and rules to doing a great physical exam. Children will take home their own kit to continue the fun at home!

Week 4: Animal Nutrition Eating is fun! Join us as we discuss the importance of nutrition and how to make nutritious and easy treats for our companion animals.

Week 5: Close Encounters of the Animal Kind Children love getting up close and personal with animals. This session will teach children the dos, don’ts, and how to’s for meeting, greeting, and loving pets.

Please register one student at a time. Please do not register multiple students on a single form.

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