Haddonfield School District Fall 2019 Central Noon Enrichment

Vets In Training

Haddonfield Central Fall 2019 – 6 Week Noontime Enrichment Program

Session Dates: Thursday October 3rd, October 10th, October 17th, October 24th, November 14th, November 21st, 2019

Week 1: All Creatures Great and Small  All hands on deck!  This round floor discussion will allow the children to investigate, explore, and discover the individual animals of the learning center.  There will be a few animal surprises!

Week 2: Sterile Procedure keeping things sterile avoids life threatening problems. Students will learn about sterility, participate in a lab on surgical prep and practice our sterility in a mock procedure.

Week 3: Suturing Techniques: Veterinarians use many different kinds of suturing techniques when they close incisions during surgery. In this lab students will learn 4-5 different suture patterns.  

Week 4: They Ate What?: Radiology What is radiology?  Veterinarians use different types are radiology to treat and diagnose patients every day.  Students will have the opportunity to view and touch some machines that veterinarians use for radiology studies.  

Week 5: The Scoop on Poop We all know that everybody poops, but if you think all animals poop the same, be prepared to be surprised!  DYK: Birds of prey, like Peregrine Falcons, tend to poop before take-off to lighten their load when flying! 

Week 6: Life Cycles and Babies Life cycles are very exciting and different between species. In our activities, we will examine several different species’ life cycles which will have the student’s curiosities begging for more! 


Registration, Payment and Refund policies:

Please review Vets in Training program registration, payment and refund policies here before registering your child for VIT programs.

For questions on registration or classes, please email VITRegistrations@housepawsmobilevet.com

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