Home School Living Waters Fall 2019 Program

Vets In Training

Home School Living Waters at Shawnee Baptist Church Meeting Place

The following classes will take place during this 10 week semester.  All classes are modified to ages. Animal time will be encouraged during all classes.

Wellness Exam/TB Clinic September 9th   

The most important tool a veterinarian has is their ability to gather information from the physical examination. Students will perform live checkups on different species of animals with the instruments veterinarians use daily.

Composting 101 – September 16th

Experience and observe the compost life cycle! Students will learn the importance of composting in today’s world and how it can help the animals around us.

Animal Nutrition-  September 23rd

Eating is fun! Join us as we discuss the importance of nutrition and how to make nutritious and easy treats for our companion animals.

Owl Pellet Dissection – September 30th

The scoop on poop—a discussion on poop and why it’s important!  Students will end the fun and explore a dissection activity of Owl Pellets.

 Sterile Procedure- October 7th

keeping things sterile avoids life threatening problems. Students will learn about sterility, participate in a lab on surgical prep and practice our sterility in a mock procedure.

Where Do I Hurt?: Medical Investigation Lab October 21st (No CAMP ON 14th )

Put on your lab coats! This case based learning experience will allow VIT students to become the veterinarians.  Through medical investigation work, the students will be challenged to find out where an animal hurts.  VIT students will go through several stations to learn this crucial skill during this special lab

Environmental Enrichment October 28th

Today will learn how toys and environmental enrichment is crucial to the life of our animals.  Students will have the chance to interact with our animals and find ways to make their life more fun!

They Ate What?: Radiology November 4th

What is radiology?  Veterinarians use different types are radiology to treat and diagnose patients every day.  Students will have the opportunity to view and touch some machines that veterinarians use for radiology studies.

Marine Animals: November 18th  (No CAMP on 11th )

The ocean covers two thirds of the Earth so it’s important we spend some time on the animals that inhabit this vast area.  Students will also explore how the ocean provides food, shelter, and a diverse ecosystem for its animal inhabitants. Students will meet SpongeBob, our resident koi, and enjoy some fun ocean games and activities.

SURPRISE CLASS: November 25th

Fee $105

Registration, Payment and Refund policies:

Please review Vets in Training program registration, payment and refund policies here before registering your child for VIT programs.

For questions on registration or classes, please email VIT@housepawsmobilevet.com

Please register one student at a time. Please do not register multiple students on a single form.

Please do not click ‘Submit’ more than once.

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