St Mary of the Lakes VIT Program Registration Fall Session 1 Grades 5-8

Vets In Training

St. Mary of the Lakes-This program is full / registration closed

Fall Session 1 
Cost: $100 for 5 week program

Grades 5-8

Class Meeting Dates:

Tuesday, October 8,2019—3:00-4:30pm

Tuesday, October 15, 2019—3:00-4:30pm

Tuesday, October 22, 2019—3:00-4:30pm

Tuesday, October 29, 2019—3:00-4:30pm

Tuesday, November 5 , 2019—3:00-4:30pm

Session topics:

All Creatures Great and Small       

All hands on deck!  This round floor discussion will allow the children to investigate, explore, and discover the individual animals of the learning center.  There will be a few animal surprises!

All about PIGS

Did you know that pigs are the 5th smartest animals in the world? Wilburt will help us explore the world of pigs and give a hands-on experience into the world of pigs.

Toxins and Animals

Keeping out animals safe can be a challenge especially if a simple household plant can make them sick! Let’s learn about all of the toxins we need to pay attention to!

Skills Lab Practice

CPR, First Aid, Suturing- Oh My! Where do you take the pulse on a dog? How do you suture properly, and are you ready for an emergency?

Grooming 101

Students will be hands-on learning to groom animals from head-to-toe! Prepare to get wet!





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