Top 5 Health Concerns in Aging Cats

by Dr. Dana Koch published June 14, 2016.  Previously published by PetCoach. We love making memories with our feline companions, but it can be difficult to watch them age.  Here are some of the most common health conditions cat owners should be aware of:...

Questions Every Cat Owner Should Ask

by Dr. Dana Koch published June 7, 2016.  Previously published by PetCoach. Questions Cat Owners Should Ask Their Veterinarians: Am I the feeding the right diet? This is an extremely important question to ask your veterinarian.  If you recently purchased or adopted a...

Animal Tidbits Sample Article

Fecal Matters There are many excuses not to pick up poop:  “I forgot my baggie”, “It was too mushy”, “I didn’t notice her going because I was talking”, “I was in a rush”, “It’s good for the earth, leave it, it’s composting, right?”…but folks I have to tell you,...

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